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Do you have a leaky bucket to fill for lb-2.ru ?

Running a website like lb-2.ru is a lot like trying to fill a leaky bucket.

You promote, get website visitor, they drop out... you promote, get more website visitors, they drop out...

But today I wanted to address the "leaky bucket" effect that keeps website owners and online businesses running on a treadmill without reaching their income goals.

I've identified 5 ongoing challenges that can keep you from reaching your business goals with your online business offering.

Ongoing Challenge 1: Attracting Leads and Getting People to Opt-In

In order to sustain your website and sell your product, you need people who are interested enough to actually consider your offers.

Building an engaged list of subscribers is the key here... but did you know there's a way your website can help you with that?

Ongoing Challenge 2: Converting Leads into Happy Paying Customers

Once you've figured out a way to get more people to join your email list, you need to tell them about your paid product and offerings in a way that converts.

The standard email marketing funnel works... but if they don't buy, there are more organic ways to get them to purchase your paid offerings right inside your website.

Ongoing Challenge 3: Having a Leaky Checkout Experience & Losing Out On Sales

Once you've done all of the hard work of getting people to say yes to your paid offerings... you definitely don't want to lose out on sales by having a leaky checkout experience.

Statistics show that 77% of people who click the “Buy Now” button never complete their order, but there's a way to recoup these sales.

Ongoing Challenge 4: Increasing Return Customers and Recurring Revenue

Once you've got customers... your job is done, right? Not so fast!

You can offer more solutions, products, and ongoing access to these same customers over time... because the probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% and the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%.

Ongoing Challenge 5: Customers Who Fall Off The Wagon and do not buy

Customer retention is key to the long-term success of your website. But it's normal for customers to fall off the wagon, get busy, and stop logging into your website.

Or is it?

If you use smart nurturing strategies, you can keep your customers engaged and actively benefitting from your website to reduce drop offs and refunds.

How our software overcomes each of these ongoing challenges:

These are real challenges that never seem to go away...

I know because I've been there myself. I've put in thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring out what works, what doesn't, and how to fill my own website over the past 10 years.

And I built all of the strategies to overcome these obstacles right into our best-selling lead converting software tool: http://www.talkwithcustomer.com

Talk With Website Visitors is a widget which captures a website visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number and then calls you immediately, so that you can talk to the website visitors exactly when they are live on your website — while they're hot! Best feature of all, we offer FREE International Long Distance Calling!

When targeting website visitors, speed is essential - there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a website visitors is contacted within 30 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

I'm so sure that Talk With Website Visitors will help you in your business endeavors that I'm offering you a special incentive to get started today.

Sign up for Talk With Website Visitors and get a 14 days free trial today. Visit: http://www.talkwithcustomer.com

This is a one-time only promotion that expires in 14 days.

Why am I offering you this time sensitive 14 days free trial incentive?

Because I know that people who use Talk With Website Visitors get their sites up, running, and selling...

So, if you know its time to get serious about your online website lb-2.ru, and you want the tool that's built by someone who has been in your shoes and understands the realities of selling online...

Then take advantage of this special coupon code today. Visit: http://www.talkwithcustomer.com

I'm so excited to share my life's work with you, and I know you understand that there's work ahead to make your digital business successful. But having the right tools and the right strategies to overcome the unavoidable challenges makes it all the more doable!

Thanks so much for reading - and next time I'll be talking about my biggest pet peeve when it comes to technology! (You might be surprised about this one.)

With appreciation,
-Eric "simplifying tech" Jones

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Concerning lb-2.ru

My name is Randy and I was looking at a few different sites online and came across your site lb-2.ru. I must say - your website is very impressive. I found your website on the first page of the Search Engine.

Have you noticed that 70 percent of visitors who leave your website will never return? In most cases, this means that 95 percent to 98 percent of your marketing efforts are going to waste, not to mention that you are losing more money in customer acquisition costs than you need to.
As a business person, the time and money you put into your marketing efforts is extremely valuable. So why let it go to waste? Our users have seen staggering improvements in conversions with insane growths of 150 percent going upwards of 785 percent. Are you ready to unlock the highest conversion revenue from each of your website visitors?

TalkWithLead is a widget which captures a website visitor’s Name, Email address and Phone Number and then calls you immediately, so that you can talk to the Lead exactly when they are live on your website — while they're hot! Best feature of all, we offer FREE International Long Distance Calling!

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When targeting leads, speed is essential - there is a 100x decrease in Leads when a Lead is contacted within 30 minutes vs being contacted within 5 minutes.

If you would like to talk to me about this service, please give me a call. We do offer a 14 days free trial.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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04.12.2018 20:43:49

Мы не отдыхали в этом гостевом доме, но пользовались их кафе в июне 2018. За время отдыха попробовали бОльшую часть меню, все было на высоте и вкус блюд и их оформление. Так же хочу поблагодарить официанток за их приветливость, было очень приятно кушать в вашем кафэ

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Монтаж систем кондиционирования Волгоград
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отзыв об отдыхе
Уважаемые Светлана Мамиконовна и Светлана Васильевна! Спасибо вам большое за наш замечательный отдых. У вас прекрасный отель, в котором работают очень хорошие люди. Наша благодарность шеф-повару Андрею - все его блюда невероятно вкусны и красивы. Покорил своим отношением к делу сотрудник, отвечающий за бассейн, к сожалению, не знаем его имени. Так же чисто было в номере благодаря стараниям горничной Инги. Девочки - официантки всегда приветливы и внимательны. Еще раз большое спасибо, надеемся встретиться с вами будущим летом. Всего вам всем доброго, будьте здоровы. С уважением, Нина Яковлевна и Елена Игоревна.

22.09.2016 20:07:05

Отзыв об отдыхе
Света,большое спасибо за организацию отдыха в корпусе Аврора, пансионата "Ласковый берег".
Все понравилось,мы с семьей остались очень довольны, отдыхали в августе 2016года,также большое спасибо второй Свете,девочкам из кафе на первом этаже за отличное питание и обслуживание, все очень вкусно.
Большое спасибо Владимиру Григорьевичу и ребятам, работникам пляжа, все очень вежливые,приветливые ,доброжелательные, по мере возможности приеду с семьей к Вам снова.
Большой привет из Ростова-на-Дону!

06.09.2016 19:33:01


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<Без темы>
Отдыхали семьей в июне 2016 г. Отель понравился. Персонал очень дружелюбный и внимательный. Завтраки по утрам отличные и разнообразные. Хорошая чистая территория и бассейн.
Вообще отель расположен в тихом месте. Если вы не любите шум то это самый подходящий вариант.
Возле Отеля есть несколько неплохих кафе. Больше всего понравилось возле пляжа Отеля - кафе Ласковый берег - Деревянные домики. Вкусная кухня. Ассортимент тот же что и везде но дешевле на 25-30%.

24.06.2016 14:22:06

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